Tuesday, January 26, 2016

cultural identity - through the eyes of a 7 year old

Ayumi's school project includes making a collage about culture and what makes my her who she is. I found her choices interesting. She insisted on America, Dutch, and Japan and tried to angle Germany in there too but I did draw the line there

 "that city in America with the space science needle"
"What City Ayumi?"
"I don't know, My city in America"

 "This is me in Kimono"

"This is a house in the Netherlands"

 "In Japan, People live in one room"

 "This is my house in America" - on a side note when I showed her this picture of our old house she couldn't remember it

"This is traditional pancakes-pannenkoeken"

"This is what we eat in America" - quesadillas (Indeed it is....)

"I love Sushi" -

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